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Finding Inspiration through Knowledge and Action

Student Physicians for Social Responsibility (SPSR) is a student organization whose members work to stop global warming, end the nuclear threat, and advocate social justice by following the footsteps of our parent organization, PSR.


Meet The Team


TMeet Marian Rodriguez-Carbo and Enzo Cabrera, the new 2020 co-presidents for our student chapter at USF! They are both first-year medical students, pictured here with their faculty advisors Dr. Lynn Ringenberg and Dr. Deborah Trehy who contribute greatly to PSR/FL.

Left to right: Dr. Lynn Ringenberg, Marian Rodriguez-Carbo, Enzo Cabrera, Dr. Deborah Trehy

Climate Change in Education Coalition

This dedicated group of medical students is working to integrate climate change education into the medical school curriculum to ensure practicing physicians acquire a basic knowledge of the science of climate change, and can counsel patients on how to protect themselves from the health risks posed by climate change.

Back row (left to right): Nitisha Mehta, Shalini Setty
Front row (left to right): Marian Rodriguez-Carbo, Enzo Cabrera, Dr. Lynn Ringenberg,  Nick Russo, Thrisha Potluri


Environment Activists Protest

Past Leadership


2019 - 2020

President: Albert Chen
Vice President: Nicholas Russo
Secretary: Mathew Caputo
Treasurer: Jay Patel


2018 - 2019

President: Rohit Iyer

Carson Bell
Eliza Nguyen
Katie Reming


2016 - 2018

Nima Hosseinian

Dustin Denham

Tierra Curry


2015 - 2016

Peeraya Sawangkum-Treasurer;

Mikaela Aradi-Co-President and Homeless Outreach (RMCM);

Alexsandra Bacewicz, MPH-Co-President. Lauren Uichanco-Community/School Garden Coordinator
Vice President: Nicholas Russo
Secretary: Mathew Caputo
Treasurer: Jay Patel

2014-2015-usf-health-student-300x206 (1).jpg

2014 - 2015

Jeannette Fleischer, ARNP, PSR/Florida Board Member

Camille Imbo-Secretary
Jennifer Le
Cindy Nguyen-Co-president

Lynn Ringenberg, MD PSR/Florida President
Thanhnga Doan-Co-president
Manjari Pedapudi-Treasurer


2012 - 2013

Jared Gopman

Stephanie Holdener

 Christina Cherian

Eric Monacoa

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